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Episode 14 · 6 days ago

Curtis Niedermier Outdoor Writer

Following graduation in 2007 from Ohio State, Curtis moved to Benton, Kentucky to work for FLW (Fishing League Worldwide), the largest tournament fishing organization in the world. ... He moved up in ranks first to managing editor of their magazine, to editor-in-chief for FLW Bass Fishing magazine and the FLW website. He also co author a book "Walleye Trolling" with host Ross Roberston.

Episode 13 · 2 weeks ago

Patterson Leeth Simms Fishing

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Guru Ross Robertson welcome Patterson Leeth from Simms Fishing Products to the Bigwater Fishing Podcast. Ross and Patterson discuss the do's and don't of how to get sponsored by fishing companies. Leeth offers some great tips on what it takes to build relationships with leading fishing companies.

Episode 12 · 1 month ago

Todd Frank - Former Walleye Tour Pro

Former Walleye Fishing Tour Professional Todd Frank dropped by to discuss how he joined the FLW and PWT Walleye tours, Winning his first walleye tournament, his love of walleye fishing as a child, having have his fishing boat pulled out by a wrecker and the accident that nearly ended his walleye tour career.

Episode 11 · 1 month ago

Tom Vatalaro - Vic's Sports Center

Tom Vatalaro from Vic's Sports Center dropped by to discuss  @Ranger Boats , buying a boat, what options you need, and how he and his brother Vic Vatalaro started the business. Valalaro talks about the biggest boat buying mistakes that consumers make and how to make the best choice in boat options and outboard motors. Vic's Sport Center in Kent, OH sells many brands of boats and equipment including  @Ranger Boats   @Triton Fishing Boats  and Starcraft. Tom tells Ross Robertson about his love from the Ranger FS622 Pro and how this years model is step up. Check out Vic's at and youtube