Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson
Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson

Episode 28 · 7 months ago

Al Lindner - Lindner's Angling Edge, Fishing Media Pioneer


During a long career spanning the most revolutionary years in sportfishing history, Al Lindner ranks among the most renowned leaders in the fishing industry. He continues to fish avidly for all freshwater fish, averaging about 180 days a year on the water, and is hailed as one of the world’s best all-around anglers.

As the host of Lindner’s Angling Edge and Fishing Edge television series, Al remains immensely popular as one of the best-recognized angling authorities in North America. Al, however, has always worn many hats, and even his most avid fans may not realize the extent of his past and present involvement with all aspects of the fishing business. Other than finding new and better ways to catch fish, that is.

Foremost among his current efforts, Al is a driving force at Lindner Media Productions, which specializes in producing educational fishing programs and DVDs, national TV commercials, product sales presentations, point-of-purchase product DVDs shown internationally in sporting goods stores and provide their trademark underwater photography to the sport fishing industry.
Al is a two-time Bassmaster tournament winner. Besides being one of the earliest and more famous participants in professional tournament fishing, he is one of the few fishermen who has successfully fished and won major bass tournaments in the south as well as professional walleye tournaments in the north.

Al played an important part in developing and promoting many angling concepts, procedures, products and language that today’s anglers often take for granted. With his brother Ron, he helped formulate a classification system for categorizing lake, river, and reservoir types. He is also famous for patterning fish response by calendar season.

Al, Ron, James, Daniel and Bill Lindner are the creative forces behind Lindner Media and their wide variety of award-winning productions, and have a long and storied history in the fishing business. The Lindners sold their stakes in Lindy Tackle in 1973, and in In-Fisherman in 1998. Today, they focus their efforts on Lindner Media Productions, whose client list includes some of the most respected names in the outdoor industry.

Capt. Ross Robertson has made his complete living chasing walleye as a full time professional angler for more than 20 years. Through the years he has worn many hats including time as a fishing guide, boat salesman, TV host, outdoor writer, product designer, tournament fisherman, speaker, radio host and podcaster to name a few.
Ross fishes ice-out to ice-up on the Great Lakes. He spends the majority of the year walleye fishing on Lake Erie’s Western and Central basins.

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