Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson
Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson

Episode 30 · 5 months ago

Doctor Sonar Bruce Samson


Want to know how to accurately know fish size on your fish finder? Confused by side imaging and the latest products? How do your sonar's settings affect what you see and your fish catch rate? Its all here. Bruce "Dr. Sonar" Samson joins the Bigwater Podcast for a second time to break down many of the common mistakes that anglers make with sonar. Bruce appears at fishing schools and has a line of educational videos at

"Doc" Bruce Samson has multiple major wins to his credit and is known as the Devil's Lake Master having won the PWT on the lake twice. He also won the MWC National Walleye Championship in 1986 and the RCL National Walleye Championship in 2002. Doc also has 8 major walleye tournament wins including the MWC twice, the PWT 4 times, the AIM once, and the FLW/RCL once.

Doc Samson has a winning formula that has worked for him on both lakes and rivers; this formula includes using today's technology to his advantage on the water. GPS and Sonar technology are common tools in competitive walleye fishing, but few walleye pros have blended the technology with aerial photos, satellite elevation charts, and custom designed contour maps. Doc is one that does this and he does it well with his proven techniques on the tournament trail.

Doc possesses the knowledge and experience to improve others and was honored with the Professional Walleye Trail Norb Wallock Memorial Teaching Award, the "Top PWT Teaching Pro" in 2004.

When not competing, the Doc is active teaching electronics and fishing skills at every level. Whether you seek a little help or a lot, the Doc can help you via his website, educational DVDs, seminars, classes, Walleye Schools, magazine articles, or one-on-one with water training.

Doc has been inducted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame and the Freshwater Fishing Hall of fame.

Capt. Ross Robertson has made his complete living chasing walleye as a full time professional angler for more than 20 years. Through the years he has worn many hats including time as a fishing guide, boat salesman, TV host, outdoor writer, product designer, tournament fisherman, speaker, radio host and podcaster to name a few.
Ross fishes ice-out to ice-up on the Great Lakes. He spends the majority of the year walleye fishing on Lake Erie’s Western and Central basins.

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