Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson
Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson

Episode 26 · 8 months ago

Gary Roach "Mr. Walleye" - Bigwater Fishing Podcast With Ross Robertson #26


Gary Roach, known deservedly as “Mr. Walleye,” was born and raised on the shores of Mission Lake, Minnesota. He started fishing off the dock when he was three or four years old. Gary started guiding at the age of ten and has made a career of fishing ever since. He has dedicated his lifetime to guiding, promoting and teaching anglers all over North America.

He was one of the original “Nisswa Guides” in northern Minnesota. Gary’s methods and angling skills have been used in numerous publications such as Fishing Facts, In-Fisherman, Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Walleye Magazine and many others. He continues to write articles, conduct radio interviews and appear on television fishing shows like In-Fisherman, Mid-West Outdoors and Ron Schara’s “Legends Of Rod & Reel” show on the Outdoor Channel. He has designed fishing tackle for Pradco, Northland Fishing Tackle, Pure Fishing and others. Gary has been instrumental in cutting edge boat design and enhancements for Lund Boats. One of Lund’s boats even carried the name “Mr. Walleye Edition”.

Capt. Ross Robertson has made his complete living chasing walleye as a full time professional angler for more than 20 years. Through the years he has worn many hats including time as a fishing guide, boat salesman, TV host, outdoor writer, product designer, tournament fisherman, speaker, radio host and podcaster to name a few.
Ross fishes ice-out to ice-up on the Great Lakes. He spends the majority of the year walleye fishing on Lake Erie’s Western and Central basins.

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Welcome to the big water podcast.We'll doing things a little different in season two. Producer. Dude. He'sjumping and he's trying to keep us in line. And producer. Do wehave a literal legend like the turn legend is thrown around crazy and most casesit's like no, Dude, you've been doing this three or four years,you're not that big of a deal. This guy would be for the youngkids, like Lebron meets Michael Jordan. First Guy. Producer Dude. Imean to have a literally a REP group. I mean design his own I meanit's guy's boats water and takes lures. When I was a young kid therewas cardboard cutouts of him before we have like what we have now.He was kind of the first guy to really make a fish a living fishingto my knowledge, and some of the names that you know he started within the day that you know he just thinks they're like his neighbor right arelike the outlanders. You know. We've had troy on on the PODCAST,but just legendary people. So I don't know really what to say other thanyeah, I mean I know you've you hold him in such high regard.I know and working with you over ten years that we've been working together,I feel like he comes up like almost every time we're out doing anything orany time I read anything about while fishing. You know, I'm not a I'mnot a fisherman. I've been out with you enough to understand. Youknow, he's he's the Dale Earnhart, the Michael Jordan. You know,he's that guy. I mean his name is Mr Walleye for a right,literally tree, literally Mr Walleye. So so I'm looking forward to hear inhis story just because I know how much he means to you. Yeah,and I think that you know, hopefully who he's going to tell us someold stories and stuff like that with Gary. I mean he could tell a millionof them, but realistic, I think nowadays. The reason I dothat if you look on my website anything else, I give credit to Gary. Always do. Yeah, I think that there's so many guys in nowadays, for get just the fishing industry, that are like Hey, look atme, hey look, I did this, I did that, and it's likedo you kind of mentored? You learned, like somebody taught you that? Like that's not necessarily your deal. You know what I mean you getinto like disciplines like karate and stuff like that. You know people always sayhey, this is this is your your guy and and fishing they don't dothat. Everybody's going to beat down their own chest. So I definitely liketo give props back to him because in the funny thing is, and we'lltalk about this, I'm sure in the podcast. I'm gonna try to bringit up, is I learned so much about life because when I start fishinggary, I literally wasn't an old enough to drive. So I learned alot about life. I learned a lot about the fishing business by seeing him. Maybe like some bad deals, some good deals, and he's the reasonyou're able to do what you do now right. Truly, like even theseInternet kids or these youtubers or whatever. They don't know it, but GaryRoach and and I know we're going to get them to go there. Hewent to these companies and said, hey, you know, you need somebody topush this. And it sounds crazy, but again, forty, fifty yearsago or well, heck no, sixty years ago. Sixty years ago, when he started doing this, there was nobody doing it, nobody waspushing this stuff. So he opened an avenue. Absolutely for me, butare also for guys like Kevin Van dam and other guys like that. Imean when he literally started at the roots, you know, when he got outof the war with guys like the lenders and before and fisherman was evenaround. They worked with Lyndy tackle, and we'll talk about that when Allandered. A lot of people don't know he started that. So crazy deal. But before we get to that, how do people find big water fishing? You know, big water fishingcom of course, on the web. Imean, if you google us you will find it's just about everywhere. Oninstagram or big water fishing on YouTube. Were big water fishing facebook, I'mpretty sure if you google us. I mean we're kind of putting a pushon this. We're doing videos. We've got a lot of stuff out there. We've gotten you know, you look on places online. Like I said, if you Google just me or Ross Robertson you'll find on meat eater,outdoor life, field and stream and fisherman. I do a monthly calm with withboth media, Dran and fishermen. So look for our content. Getssubscribe to our newsletter. That's one of the best ways to get this withoutgetting spammed and junked up, and that's... you're going to find out,even if it's like a guide trip or catching a fish or doing whatever youwant to do. Big Water Fishingcom. Yeah, and remember, if you'rewatching this on Youtube, we've got audio episodes on all the major podcast networksand if you're listening to this on the podcast, you can watch the videoof all the episodes as well. So, yes, I run a guide service. Yes, I've got a bunch of guys. If you want togo fishing, you know we've got a whole fleet of guys that do thatin boats. But realistically, big water fishing moving forward. We're doing alot of media stuff. I've been doing it forever, but thanks the producerdude and such. I mean we're doing a lot of other new stuff rightand there's some projects even coming that we won't tell him quite yet, butgo on big water fishingcom. You can find a lot of that stuff kindlumped up in one spot. All right, well, let's I'm excited to learnabout Mr Wallah and you'll find out why I call him Papa. So, Gary Roach, you know I haven't called you Gary in a very longtime, because me and todd frank and a bunch of the boys we callyou papa. Yeah, that's because I'm your elder I appreciate that. Well, that that probably is because you're also a kind of our mentor you've beena mentor to me and a bunch of guys like todd to for sure.But how about the name rotten? Like that goes back or I remember theline used to say, and I know you probly like talking about this,but excisions the game is called. Well, no, no, actually the same, the same. The lenders a black hadders. They call them thelender blackadders. They were pretty bad full only on Friday nights. Other way, Saturday nights and Sunday. We were good guys. So so, yeah, well, I don't think the old days. Yeah, I don't thinka lot of people nowadays it seems like, you know, forget just fishing people, they kind of forget history a little bit, right, and youknow, some of the names that we accept and fishing, you guys werea small little kind of cult like following there with you know, tell meabout some of the early days. Rather it's, you know, like andthis what things are back to the Albay's, but I mean even before that.I just think about the stories that I know you've told me when wetravel together for a number of years there and I was learning the ropes fromyou about in the early days. You know, I just remember you rentingwasn't a renting a motor and you had a car top boat or something,guiding. When I started doing this, actually when I when I got outof school, I was in the woods and the longer, you know,and then I would spent my four years on the navy and then came home, married Beverley alter course, in one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine,and came back and I did everything you could imagine to get get work,you know in those days. So we've had other worked in the gas station. We played music in a band. Had had a good band of countryWestern band, and then I got into the business of mechanics and stuff andI had my owst gas station and and every once in a while I hadlook out on outside and I oh, man, it's a good day,this would be a beautiful day on Pelican Lake. I know the wallies areon the banks, are on the shore. So I tell my guy that Isay, Hey, I got to make a service call. So Igo out and all these last grow that some wooden boats. I just rollededge of a drop off and one of the morningside weeks and catch a fewall eyes and come back and you know, and that's how I still love thefish because as born a raised on mission lake, you know rock copylake and Northern Pike Lake and soundings like anyway. So on a few ways. Well, their brother in law says, I said, he's as we're catchingsome fish up here by on the Gold Lake or stuffing that done.I said, you guys named Linder's and what's the boy was? Let's justbever's brother. She said, Hey, you can catch this fish like thelittle guys again. So I went up to Marv Keps and he gave mea green box. Didn't have a boat and said here, give her atry. So I used for round a boat for few dollars a day.I had a seven and a half Horse Maroon Johnson, that older one,and hopefully I care. I had a big enough guy to carry to motordown the hill and up and I put it on the back of the boatand that's how we started guide and I...

...had a lake that was, ifyou'll love this lake. It was just full of lies and there was nolanding on it at all and I would get my wall as and f fortyfive and it's I got my limits for the guys dropped that drop him offwith the Bait shop and I said he can't tell anybody about anything about wordslake is so and they all kept it quiet. I get my men,eighteen walls. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. So that's how I started. I didn't have a boat and then finally I got enough money andI bought me that one that you know. We call it a Teddy Roosevelt boatbecause we call it was over ride, rough ride in front of a gun, but and a wet one minute it was a try haul. That'severybody had that noose days, you know here and all the guys. That'swhat guys, most of them did, except for Harry Van Dorn, theold guy. He always had of the trial, I mean the hall.Anyway, we got kitchen fish, learning how to, he might say,the different lakes, but the whole shot. It was a locator and I tookCarl Loran salt fishing and the one time in him and his in hispartner and he's explained a lot about this electronics or stuff like that. Imean that was a green box. If you can remember, you've seen picturesof them. Really probably got one stashed away Zummers, you know, Ido have one from my dad, because my dad, if you still life, he'd be be about just a colpy years older than you, I think. But for people that are listening don't know, the green box was literallythis like fold up flasher that Lorentz came out with. And then, Imean, what year was that? You know? Oh, that was inthe S. Yeah, the late s yeah, and then I marve Kepsold a actually a semi load of green boxes when they first came into intothis area. Semi load, and there was actually a red box before that, a few. But then they updated it to sixty foot and from ahundred foot screen. And I didn't have a suppressor on it because if youif you run your outboard a little bit too fast yet, but you screwup the whole located. Didn't have a suppressure run. But they got thatfixed and then they put a sixty foot screen on it and then well then, I said, as you know, then things really started pomping for theelectronics. So and we had this and I think Linders, those guys,I think they did a book on and Walleye fishing, secrets of Walleye orsomething like that many, many years ago, and in nl put me to workand know I was doing some pretty pretty good catching fish and stuff likethat, and then I started fishing a few tournaments and the l put meto work on the road. So I work with those guys for about seventeenyears and then one on to another company in the quel or some tackle,and to kind of stop for second because people back home, and you knowthat, maybe aren't following along completely as so when you say Al we're meaningAl Lander and Ron Linder, but it was this was before in fisherman orbecause he that was the own low tackle right. Yeah, they started whenyou tour. Okay. Yeah, so actually Nick Adams Ale and Ron startedit and they put me on as one of their first promotional guys, isto go on a road with those guys. And then they acquired little Joe Tackle, which was done in island on a soda which made products, youknow, spinners and stuff. They did a lot of stuff and then theyjust started putting the lindew rig together her and know that was a different kindof a sincer. We always use this slips not a slip sincer, abouta barrel singer. That's thought we use in the old days before this cameabout. But the idea was the promotion is what we did. So weget on their old soap box and that's the show's Chicago shows and in well, Rochester, all, I mean all over the country, Kansas City,Missouri, St Louis and stuff. That's what I did with those guys becauseon on the soapbox and hell on, this is what and they only hadthree products and they had a dingle Jig, a plastic worm and they had arig. You want to talk about a little history? I'm wearing ahat that you gave me about twenty five...

...years ago from northland tackle. Onthings all faded out and ironically, full circle I'm now working with northold tackleand helping them with the Great Lakes launch of the new crank bits and stuff. So it's just funny how things come full circle and that great and that'ssomething all the fun we used to have out there. You know, well, remember on the on the lake out thro those people was one. Onelatter was a weight forward spinner. I never oh yeah, but yeah,get back to it. Yet I can remember the Faferch just telling me thestory that you guys went out. I mean I don't know when this was, s S, whenever it was, and you you finish the story,but basically you drove across the reefs and you're like, why aren't we jiggingthis? And they're like what do you mean? Because nobody here did aJIG and mintal deal like nobody, and I think it was fuzzy girls backthen that you were doing that. Yeah, JEM frowfish took me down a seniorJim Senor took me down to the river where those all these Walleye spawnand a guys were casting out in the Jerkin and then actually snagging lots offish. And I said, Jim, I said, we're all these walleyescoming from? He's all the lake, he said, he said. Isaid, he said there's some fish on the reef cells here. I said, well, you anybody got a boat in? I think, I thinkBob, Bob Chase had a boat in. So let's go alter it and Isaid skill, we stopped at the bait shop and get some mentals andthey say well, what for? They said, well, doesn't anybody usethe metals under jigs out here? Well, not really. So we went outthere and the one pass we caught fifty two walleys and all then tosaints, to Saint Reef, remember the old too. Saints is where westarted. You know, here she lose about ten jigs because there's so manyrocks and a bunch of millions of wall as you cook, kick one fishbe fire, fallen it up to the boat, you know, chasing,chasing the other walley because they were in the spawning mold. Then, Iguess it would say. But then after that it was like, man,the guy from Toledo, that what's his name? Old Jug j pleas,lesbie John Wellsby, oh, he did the first he did the first showon the reefs out there, and then it was just like while thousand boatcame out to I mean it was unbelievable in their reefs and all the opendown there. Then kindly started that, but with just the jigs. Andthen, of course, to the spinners. You know all the spinners. Youknow, and you know, Jerry might remember old beat pole. Yeah, I talked to him. No, not too long ago and he's stillgoing. And he put on all the he put on a spinner and droppedit to them with the bottom bouncers of the bottom and he will always catchhim the biggest fish and on. We won that tournament. Altar here.We want it with him and the Wy. When would jim? Would Jim FallFish? And then one, the first one or the PWT? Youhad altar and on Ausae island when we went off to a stay down theisland, I won that first one. So that was I mean those fishwere like two eighthundred and twenty nine inches average. You know, he has. You know, how did you meet Jim Poffridge? You know, Iwas driving back from a bath tournament on New York and our reps that actuallyfished that area said you guys got to you guy to stop in there andthen check out this lake. Carrie and a bill bill to his aim gamesgo. We can here bill wigton and Hugh Edwards was there rips for Lyndythen, and so they said you got to stop and check out that lake. You know, you know, you gotta be a man the Walleyes oryou can catch a hundred ways and old time. So I swung in thePort Clinton, took the back road to Port Clinton and stopped at the Marinoand just the one over the bridge, and Jim was guiding out of there. That was before that we went to Floros at, which is on thewest side by the Luke plant, and then I found him, I meanif he found me here, I follow him or whatever, and talking hesaid you got to go fishing with me. So that that's how it started,and man it was. It was just like, I mean it's onthat I would just unbelievable. So as...

...then we go on Tur and CatchSeventy Wall Eyten Walleye, Limton and seventy wall eyes in this two and ahalf hours, you know. I mean it was just every cash you couldcontent end. You could catch a wally overres you cast out, gone toten and jerk does jerk the spinner and then set the hook there was awall eye on it. I don't know if a lot of younger guys thatare in the sport now realize, like how many products you've designed. Ican remember back even when I was a young guy. You know, youhad cardboard cutouts in the tackles stores and you, you know, had yourown series of boats with Lun your own signature series rods. I mean justabout everything. What was the thing you were most proud of of designing,of all the stuff? Further it's the lures, or what was the it? was there a thing? Well, I don't know if it's a littlebit of everything. I did stuff trank based, some for LNDY's, youknow, the shadlings and old and then it was you actually, the youngstackle. It was the best baits, you know then in those days.And then I design a shadowing, which is kind of like a fat,fat little long, Long Bait, which was they changed it and didn't makeit run. Worth it, Damn. You get one out of ten thatwould run, but it would catch fish if, if you could get themon to run. And then the Musky Chab I did said I did thatone. Then I went and did some stuff or Spithwick, you know,and and I love their lures, you all. They had their red colorsfor that area out there was a silver litle and dirty water, orange bellyand and it was a diver head of rattle in it and I helped north, not northern, but RAPP law. They didn't have a diver in thosedays, remember, and I helped. I told them that, told CraigWeber. I said we need a diver. That's what I was doing stuff forRappla too. So we took a copy of the they had the allwerthere with a body actually, Mark Martin used to use is just for nightfishing. was just like a real slow wobble and didn't have a good lipon it and I didn't dive, but we took that bad body and puta lip on it and then and they took off. I mean unbelievable.I think one of the things that people don't realize again, like the stuffthat had your name in your face on it, like you know. Imean that's one thing, but like the high speed pick up. I canremember seeing where you had PDC pipe coming, you know, out of the backof your boat and you know that's probably one of those deals. Nowadays. I think you can jokingly would me and you just talk driving down theroad every now and then and he said, yeah, that's when I do knowwhat a patent was. Yeah, those everybody fish were dying. Rememberthe tournaments. I mean in the arranger actually had the worst live while ofany of them out there then and and I designed a pipe come off theback of the boat was actually a water pickup system. The faster you wouldgo there, more water would come up to the pipe and I had avelve that would go dump it right into the live wall. So as we'rerunning down the lake, as we remember, it would keep gold fish they packed. You couldn't catch them in the live al they would be so hoton oxygen. And then I can then London well at a pipe took abottom the double with a scoop on it and they reversed instead of a scooppulling the water out of although all the Bill Jerry is actually a scoop toto put water back into the livewell. And that dis I mean everybody couldnot figure out how old fish were so hot when everybody else was dying.You know. But when they're running wide open the couse you had areator pumpof stuff going out, but when you're running the one that the pump don'twork. So all but the scoop kept the water moone in here with bubblesand stuff like that and they have fish. Were hot on telling you, though, they were just listful of life. You couldn't already catch him the wayI'm in and we had that for quite a few years. I didthat one to him. Lanny orbill was our guy in London too, thathelp me do all this stuff. So...

...and designed the big boats of twentyfive inch transoms and a lot of stuff. We've been doing it all the fishingrods and stuff. As you know, my all my rod line. Igot thirty some rods and the good. But one of the best facts mostof the guys that use my trolling rods alter the guys that do ourcoal anger said most every one of the term and guys had some of themare rods and their lable and on their label then, or inner glockers.I mean, yeah, I think that people don't realize like doing doing whatyou did, there's there's so many elements, like you have to be a salesman, but you also have to be a designer, you know. Thenyou got to be able to catch fish. They're just so many things that goin to making a living fishing. Then you really I mean nowadays,these kids got Youtube and people to look back on. But you didn't havemany pioneers. I mean you were the pioneer really. Well, I wasthinking about something, you know, and and making things better and catching morefish. You know, the spinners of floating spinner that designed out in Oregon. They're doing some shows out there and fishing the Flumbia River, a fishlike fish water from Plumbia all the way to New York and from Canada orthe fifty three parallel up there a great slave call walleys on the south shore, great slave all the way to walleys down in Louisiana, might say.It done in Texas, and I mean official, a lot of water andlearned a lot from some of the guys to you know, some of theguys that were doing stuff and with and we do help design some stuff forthe for the different areas. Is that's what was really important. In Pittsburghor Pennsylvania, Ohio. Fished Ohile, a lot of different in the lakesto you know. You know I was. I spent a lot of time inbehind the wheel with you or in the boat with you and you know, like I tell people, I didn't learn as much about fishing as Idid about life and a business er things, and I think that you know,how did you learn the business ender fishing? Because there was nobody.You were one of the pioneers of making a living fishing. You know whatwe started with? As you know, we had a team, you know, and you met some of the guys and all, and I had ateam of fifteen people that nobody's ever done this before. When I work forLindy's, the Berkeley would come up to me and say, Hey, canyou here's some new reels or rods and reels, and so I go toa store and I said, you know, well, no, this is athis is a good rod, this is a good reel and and thisis a good bait. As I said, you know, said I'm selling productfor these people. Maybe I can get something for this. And thisis how it started. This is I went to every sponsor and I wentto Berkeley, I went to Berkeley Line, I went to to rap a lotpeople for rap law and the selling product for them while I do myinstore and why I do my seminar. See. Well, then I gotsome people. I had like fourteen, fifteen people that was on my staff. That would go for Wisconsin and Dakotas and stuff like this. I hadall these different people. I tied in with, outdoor writer like Ron Cheraand and people off the near area all the way to New York. ButI would do shows and they would do shows, and this is how Igot to be a powerhouse for promotional thoughts and nobody's done as before. Wehad the biggest. We had like fifty in people in Iowa. We hadthem in Dakota's, Wisconsin, Michigan, like Barton as how he got hisstart. Well, we're gonna say you started like might go from Steve Bissit hot Frank Mike was on there for a while, todd frank, yeah, and good fisherman. Yeah, Hall...

...of Famers, Tommy News from allthese guys, you know, started on our team and they got you know, I made him work, I made him make calls and made a copydown sending the reports, and for Beverly, she ended up doing all that stuff. Sonny's just got wore down. You know. We did that formany years and this is how our manufacturer loved us, because we count.We had we made them a count for what they did, you know,and write it down, you know, and they just couldn't believe anything.TV and and I mean it just is just went on. I got bookless. I can show you that just in fact. I just handed a booklettool one of my nephew, my great nephew, and he wants to getinto the fish and I said here you are, here's the magic catalog righthere. This is what you learn how to do. And outdoor letters,as you know, as a secret, and people in the TV and stuffare the secret to your success because they tell people what you know and whatyou're doing. This what you're doing right now. So even before like thethe Mr Walley specialties, I mean just deciding that you're going to make aliving fishing, because I again, nowadays people don't even think about it becauseit's there's so many. There's Kevin Van dam's and Denny browers and people likethat, but there just wasn't people doing it back then. So to makethat jump, I mean that had to be pretty scary. And I meandid beverly just smack upside the head and say what are you thinking? Orshe had to be probably all into we lived in a little old ten byfifty trailer house. You know, you'd almost see through the walls on thewintertime you could feel through the walls and that's where we she worked at theBank and Crosby Bank for twenty years. Beverly took care of about everything,I tell you, but no beverly was she put all the stuff together.He and I had awd they get guy named Bill Raczi, but did itbefore beverly did it. He did it for me for a while and thenhe moved on and he went out West or summers and and doing something ona camp drown or whatever. But that's all it started. And then thecourse and right when Randy left and I just took on and I had allthese people that wouldn't come back with me that wanted to stay in the fishingpart of it. Jim As skibbage member, Jim Askaby, she was Wisconsin.He was a good fisherman too, and him and I got second placein the in the least tournay. So I got out of the tournaments andI did pretty well. And what the tournaments and the fact and Minnesota witha three hundred fifteen and mark kept put me sign me up for the bathtournament with the BCA bascasters and they had a tournament in Minneapolis and Minnetonko andI and the small mouth bass were worth more points in the lake because theywere harder to find, hard of a catch than the large mall. Soeverybody went for large malts. So I want to look for Small Mall andI follow a whole bunch of them and they were in an area that youwill laugh about this because you know how sailboats are tied up to a marker. Yeah, well, below that is on a chain going down to likea big wagon wheel. And and I seen this in another lake in Wisconsinwhere those bass were spawning in the spokes of that big old wagon wheel.And by Gosh, here they were in the same situation on Lake Bennataca.And I mean Nice Small Mall. So a three pound small malls if youcaught and put it in your l well, a three pound small mouth or worse, like over a figh of Paul and large mouth. So I stuckwith a small mount for two days when the tournament on a boat and andI bought some some cash and and and it was like wow, this ispretty nay, this is pretty easy work, you know. And I fished againstall those guys all the bass guys in Minnesota, landers and all thoseguys and all got second place, and which I was, and he wantedto win it so bad. I felt it's kind of like bad that Ithat I actually want to honest to God, The Sun Times paper was wrote itup, and so that was my...

...first experience with a tournament. SoI felt wow, so I kind of like this. So they as youknow. Then how many? Let me get let me get this straight,Mr Walleye. That's what the that is your literally legal name. Mr Waye, actually wanted all that gut. Did you know how that got named?No, but you want to. Do want a bass tournament before you wanta Wallet Tournament? Yeah, well, I said, I'm going to usethat against all my bass buddies. But go ahead, I want to.Yeah, how did you Mr Waller? Go ahead. Well, anybody cancatch that, while I take a little smart people. That hundred percent withyou. Papa there about use that better that you. Oh, I loveit. Well, you know how the name is from all I came about. I'm about fixation, fish deternament over there and in upper upper when theycall Upper Michigan there made it not ron lender was standing down and the onthe stairs going up and BOB CAS cows game member Kaz that has cowsky willwaited for a long time too. Yeah, you probably knew him because he wasaround a long time and know so. Anyway, so I take a bigbag of fish up up there on the way, Um, you know, and Bob looks down or he'Sha was well, man, look at that, he said, here comes old Mr Walley so kes actually named it RonLender. When I walk down the stairs. You get that trademark before somebody stealsit. You get that trademark. So it was actually run lender thattold me to do this. So I want to min the apples and gota trademark when we trademarked at and we also trade mark beverly, and thiswas while I I know that I did not know. Yeah, say andMs All I. She's got our own pink rods and I have like thirtysome rods that I designed aunt plus the fish batter, you know, anda lot of lot of things, you know. So just got to keepbusy. So I remember from my college you sent me a present for mycollege graduation and it was like a twenty pound box of commercial box of fishbatter. We literally, yeah, this is true story. Jimmy faffern's juniorwas one of the cooks and we had a we had a fish fry andit was pouring down rain and Jimmy Fifford's junior and my dad were out cookingfish in the pouring down rain and we had a giant Bin of commercial likeyou sell to the restaurants fish better. You sent me. You probably rememberthat. Yeah, we're she'll sell lots of it US foods and and Ciscoand all these other guy they use it for their kitchen. They use itfor out of pork pork pork pork shakes and stuff in the morning and fortheir breakfasts and stuff. Yeah, so we don't get into a lot ofit like they did before, but but we we still sell it and sellsells some rods and ice rods and stuff like that. So so we lookat her fishing rods. I got. We got some of the best rollingrods in and and the world and I'll say that, you know, it'snot all roses and I and you're you're kind of not beat guy. Whenyou and you talk privately. You know there's some things we talked aboutcause,I mean it was a struggle to get to where you got. I meanwhat was what is the worst part of fishing for a living? I mean, when you look back, and I know you're obviously happy with your decision, but you know, so people understand, especially some of these young guys nowadays. You know, what were the things? You look back and you'restill like, man, I didn't like that. Well, you know,you know we had we did not know everything. We learn from a lotof different people, you know, when they set up down to the todo the reps in the south. You know, I had to learn lakesthat was never been on before, you might say, but I always kindof get some tips from some some the local guys and then I'd use ourmethods that we always use to to, you know, make them a betterand and I find the fish. You all well, I magic was whatwe called it in old days, and Walley magic. It was a bookof letter came out with afterwards with a...

...wall I magic and put it alltogether as when we first started doing this. We all get together her of courseolder sometimes over have a few beers in the old days, you know, but we work hard and hardly, hardly have a hamburger eight and nomoney in our pocket. Hall, you know I mean. I see thetime when we had to bank a collection so we could buy lunch and theold days. So it was. It was a it was a it wasa am lot of money making new on those days. It was a learningexperience that was unbelievable. But so how long did it take you to reallyget, if you want to call it, comfortable, more making a living?Well, I did. The sponsors is what really help help me knowthe Berkeley, Paul Johnson and and Craig Weber, Ron Weber, from whatI made the Fox He Jig, remember that? Oh Yeah, and theydid advertising on that. I did that for them too. And then andthen I got the crank bait for him and then the northland tack, oldand Lady. When I left Lyndy will kind the kind of split up alland Ron they could went up, went on did their magazine and they didher their commercials and stuff like that. And then after that I kind ofafter a couple three years of doing this and then I kind of went onmy own, you might say, from Lyndy's and then, and then thatwas bought out. Then I think maybe lincol and bought out and he wasputting his name on someone the product that that will be that we had designed. So so I kind of and and I had a meetium one night withthem and then they didn't show up for the meeting the second time. Sothat's when I went to north and I said a northland, you still toldme you're still like to have me, and that's when I went to them. So after that was like John Peterson and Nui and Peterson or just thegreatest people in the world. And now the people are run right now,Kyle water men at. You Know Kyle. Kyle's kind of my boss now.Well, my boss. Yeah, yeah, and he's a good youngster. Yeah, really good youngster and he's full energy and it was waiting tillcold wood stuff gets over this. So anyway. So that's that's what wedo and then maybe, and I'm I'm just kind of slack it back alittle bit. I still do something. My son's coming up today that Ithought he was at the door there. She's coming up today to do somesun fishing on the ice. So I've been catching some really nice blue girl. So come on over will take area. So all the places you've traveled anddone, what is your favorite place to fish? Doesn't have to bewaller, wherever they're biting. Yeah, where I like. I like themall. I don't whatever they're biting. Yeah, that sounds like a truesalesman. That's like a I like. I like, Oh, I meanI like the Jig fish and I like the rigun and like a cast farm. You know, you know. And I'll tell you one thing, andI was just fun, I do I still do a little bit of guidingonce in a while for special people and and I take people out that ourhandicap and they don't know how to Jig Fish. They don't know how todo this. You know what I tie on them? I slip bobber.Probably the most deadliest fishing machine there ever was a slip bobber. Yeah,I can go out to the flats and I can set that up at atwenty five feet and I can Zig Zag along that plats, you know,into the fish are down thirty feet that I can just drop her down or, if efficient, or up up a little liar. I always put abouteighteen inches off and put a nice Leech on and you'll catch big fish,lots of fish. Then I can go in over the bass and all eyesare in the spring of the year, you know, and ten foot ofwater on rocks that nobody can jig and don't nobody had their right mind.I'm even me. I can get snagged up half the time and I'll justtry on. I took the guy from the fishing hall of FAM and littlefalls out him and his partner, and...

...they'll get this. He was likeninety two or ninety three, his partner with ninety five, and I'm eighty, you know. You know I'm pushing eighty two to or whatever it is. You don't know that that was in anyway. All those years, youknow, and all that stuff that those guys could never do and never catcha fish because they couldn't keep it on the bottom, or I mean itwas stuck in a bottom. And those guys had a ball and they caughtfish like you can't believe it. They cause small mall, they caught Walleyesand they got wise small, most big ones, a little ones, youknow, and they this guy from the hall of famine and Minnesota's he said, as a best fision, he's been in Canady said, of the bestsision and ever lost a hookies it aren't we have a mutual friend that Ithink Ron WNDER was the one that nicknamed him the bomber doctor, Bruce Sampson. We done some stuff, likes bruce. He's won a lot of money onthe bottom. Well, you better believe it. Joe, Jerry Andersonactually talk him out of fish, you know. Yep, God, howdo you ru all those names? Well, it's hard to it and order.Yet memory start sliding. You know, you can only remember half of themini. Wow, you're pretty you're pretty good at it. So,but, but it's been a you know, it's like right now and all I'mwaiting for my son to come up so we can go fishing. Youknow, he never gets a chance to. He he fished. Works in aplace where they was skating rinks and all that stuff. A basketball youthe maintenance guy for all that. He's done there for a lot of yearsand he's makes pretty good bucks. And in all this covid stuff. Andalso we've had our shots and you know, Beverly Nigh blew so we're a littlebit better shape. So but no, it's just I mean I just Ijust wait to go fishing and I lost one of my good fishing guyslast week. Took over a bunch of Sun Finish. I said Hey,Mike, I said he could use a few sunfish. I got to liveit here. Well, all never turn them down. Well, went overthere and I cleaned them in his garage and he couldn't even get out tothe garage because he was so out of wind. And he's got a hitcancer. And then that night, eleven to flock at night, he justhe just gone. He was gone and he had, he had some ofthe biggest dams on the fish you could ever imagine. I mean they werelike Lemontol inchest, I mean huge, huge for a little pawn hole.Well, you'll you're still feisty. I can remember back you were probably inyour early s, traveling with me, you and todd, and you wereyelling at me and Todd for being candy asses and not moving fast enough andnot getting up early enough and everything else. Well, he would be member homememberif he didn't get the bed, but nine o'clock at night he wasgetting army. Remember that. I'm not going to go there. I don'tremember that. I don't know. We always had funny because we went downto that little fish shop telling he rode ahead a little little dealiatrol fishing,and one end they powdered it to come out to under Jolly Rogertation. Yeah, well, that that was that was our good deal, wasn't it?Yeah, YOU'RE gonna have to come back one more time and fish lake hereand I'll take you to the Jelly Rogers. I'll tell you what I told Tomthat. I said they know we gotta do what we should get toget a one time before we kicked the bucket, I says. You know, I said it would be good to pick a nice day and when thefish are a plentiful long shoreline. I said, Oh man, yeah,I mean I feeling generous enough. I think we can't take todd yeah,I think. Well, we'll put him on the back seat so he willmake him take clean the face too. Yeah, I like how you're thinking. I will, I will never forget. There are some I'm going to callroachism's, but there's so many one liners from you that we probably aren'tgoing to get to here today and half of we probably couldn't put on onrecording. But do you remember when I was I signed with ranger boats.I mean it's God damn, it's been probably twenty years ago to but whenlun started making fiberglass boats, I called... up and I was joking withyou, you know. I said, Hey, I see you're probably goingto have to run a fiberglass boat to now. You know, I wasgiving you some shit and and you, without hesitation, said all know howit's too itchy. I did to Itchy Way to witch you with a fiberglassnow would call them issue boats. Never Kid, all together we'll call issueall fiber glass makes you itch you know. Yeah, we all like call themthat. Never that I definitely do. what cads, you don't member toon frank he was so when he, when he got the actually put thatstepped on that Lun there. We worked on that and get it speed andwe were going by it. Some of those itchy boats pretty fast, youknow, and in tours cod just love your race, you know. Sohe that was his deal. He could, he could run right by some ofthem guys. You know that guy. Other being he's damn tin boats arerunning by us. What's wrong with us? What's wrong by boat?That is to love that. Yeah, he loved that. So he likedto race. Yeah. Well, I sincerely appreciate your time and and forall that you hoped me and everybody else in the fishing industry with. Idon't think a lot of, like you said, of people appreciate. Sometimesthey just take all this information for granted, but I certainly don't, and I'mhoping you you make some time to come down and go fishing here.I might just come invade that copy like cross from your house, because Iknow where your pull barn is and I know where your cropy B I remember. Everybody knows how to shoot too. This is as good as me ifI remember that. Oh Yeah, I knew. I knew the brains ofa pre Chile, the cold Kyleie, you know, you said he wantsto buy my back roam. He's that. Yeah, I'm want to buy thoseroom. He said, I want to buy this room, you gotto get buy beverly first. That's too funny. Well, I appreciate yourtime, Papa, and I hope we can do her again. Well,thank you, thank you, buddy, and you take care and being Ay, stay safe. And go catch some fish and remember maybe something day,maybe something they will I'll get out here, but I don't know. But well, you can always come up here too. I got some lakes uphere that I could catch for you can catch fish on to you know,it's probably not as Leigue as good as Erie, but it's what is prettydum good. You know. I want to go to that secret propy likeyou got. I don't want I got enough walise. I don't need tomess with those. Yeah, well, we got we got croppies. Ohyeah, we got crap. You and could catch a hundreds a day likenothing. Yeah, we'll pop in your name. Fishings the game. Yeah, is a ton of cropies up here. Heah, there some lakes that aregot on telling and a half, you know, but I just likethe action, you know, I get us. You got ten to twelveinch cropy and all. And then to me the ten inch or eat eatbetter than the than the big ones. The big ones are too soft andall. Even. That's one thing about that's one thing about you. Andlike guys like Al Winder and some of those guys have been doing it forever. If you catch one more fish than me, you're not happy because youwant to catch two more. Like you are still you are still so competitiveand so into catching. I mean you think after the just millions of fishand hours of fishing that it wouldn't be the way it is, but youstill got it. Well, it's just fun, you know, just sometimethey make the guy in the boat squeal a little bit, you know.So wonder what you doing around and I'm time to pay attention and do whatwe're doing. So so a lot of people don't do that. See,well, that's the only reason I do that. It's not to be abad bout it. But what this say? Hey, you wonder why what I'mdoing. So that's what I always say when I see people catching fish. I said, the first thing I say one of these doing? What'she doing? Ill, was he getting up? So that's the first thingI say. You learn, you know, and that's a little in fact.First Time I fish with Eleanor and Wisconsin and where I was in theboat and he said his fish crib here, he says. So he casts overhere and I cast the other side. He catch a fish. I don'tget another cast out again, boy gets another fish. I cash onthis at my side on the crib.

I don't get nothing. You knowwhat was what was the deal was wrong. He was on the shaded side ofthe crib and that's where the wall I was on the shaded side.So I'll learn that lesson really bad. So you pay attention. I'll I'llLeet. How about we close with this one? This is a story andI'll let you finish it once I once I bring it in and when youremember. I don't remember the particulars, but I remember we're out fishing andyou know, actually, even backing up, I can remember me and you fishingon Lake Erie and we were so nasty, but you didn't want tosay give up, and me and you were the only ones that went outand everybody else in the PWT didn't even launch the boat. You remember that. And we're out, we're out by the islands and you said no,you got to give in first, and then you bribe me with buying mebreakfast because I was probably only about sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years old, andbecause you didn't want to give in, and and we came in. Itwas just nasty. It was giant waves, but the same story.You were fishing with somebody and you didn't want to quit. You wanted themto say uncle first, and they started catching fish and then you started shakingover there and the guy said, Oh, you're finally cold too, and yousaid no, I said, you're catching fish because you're quivering over there. You remember that one? I probably do. Yeah, I don't giveup. Yeah, you know that. Yeah, you're Feisty Papa, that'sfor sure. Well, again, I really appreciate your time. I hopewe can do it again. I'M gonna have to make some time to comeup your way and but me, you and time. You know some ofthose guys. We should get back together and do a little eurie fishing whilewe still can. Okay, Buddy, you take care and all behaviors help. And yet a trouble. Keep fishing and and you catch one of thosebig ones that think about a day. Nice, Papa. Ye,.

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