Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson
Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson

Episode 31 · 5 months ago

Joe Okada Pro Walleye Angler H2H Fishing


Pro walleye angler Joe Okada stops by the podcast to talk about the fishing industry and his move to H2H fishing and thoughts on their new tournament format.

Joe has been focused on improving as an angler since he was a child. He began working at the local bait shop and running his guide service right out of high school as he prepared to compete at the tour level by the age of 24. Over the last 15 years, he has consistently found himself in the running for AOY titles in the FWL, AIM and NWT tours with several top finishes along the way. To this day, he continues to compete across the walleye belt and fulfills marketing, advertising and product development duties with several fishing/marine manufacturers. Joe enjoys time at home with his wife, Jamie and daughter, Abigail who enjoy the outdoors as much as he does.
Fin Facts from H2H FishingFin FactsFavorite Body Of Water• Madison Chain, WILeast Favorite Body Of Water• Lake Winnebago, WI

Capt. Ross Robertson has made his complete living chasing walleye as a full time professional angler for more than 20 years. Through the years he has worn many hats including time as a fishing guide, boat salesman, TV host, outdoor writer, product designer, tournament fisherman, speaker, radio host and podcaster to name a few.
Ross fishes ice-out to ice-up on the Great Lakes. He spends the majority of the year walleye fishing on Lake Erie’s Western and Central basins.

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