Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson
Bigwater Fishing with Ross Robertson

Episode 36 · 6 months ago

Oliver Ngy - Big Bass Dreams - Bigwater Fishing Podcast #35 with Ross Robertson


Oliver Ngy is a self-taught angler from Southern California. He learned the values of commitment and dedication at an early age and has since become a familiar face in the bass scene. He's renowned for catching monster fish of many species with a specialty in double-digit largemouth and 5-plus-pound smallmouth bass. Oliver is also the creator of Big Bass Dreams.   

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Capt. Ross Robertson has made his complete living chasing walleye as a full time professional angler for more than 20 years. Through the years he has worn many hats including time as a fishing guide, boat salesman, TV host, outdoor writer, product designer, tournament fisherman, speaker, radio host and podcaster to name a few. Ross fishes ice-out to ice-up on the Great Lakes. He spends the majority of the year walleye fishing on Lake Erie’s Western and Central basins. 

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Welcome back to the big water podcast for Ross Robertson here. You guys know our stuff. You can't not find it right if you're looking for big water fishing. What Youtube, Instagram, podcast, set your apple podcast. It's everywhere. So what do we have here? Do you know? But I'll over, I don't. I don't know anything. Fun fact that's my middle name. Did Not know that either. For How long we've been working together? Twelve years. Did Not know that. But yeah, so I don't even know, honestly, a lot about Oliver, but I seen his work. We've done some things kind of on the same page. You know, he fishes with the lenders. I know the lenders do some stuff. So it's almost like he's like the West Coast like maybe you've not so pale version of Ross. That could be an insult tomb I'm not sure. But let's get this guy on here, because I think you're going to have some interesting questions for this guy because he does kind of the same stuff I do but yet totally different. Let's bring them on, Oliver. Welcome to the big water podcast. Thank you for giving us your time. I mean, you know, I know how it is. Man You get a lot of you get a lot of people asking for these things and you're like, you want to do it, but you only got so much time. Yeah, it's it's a beautiful thing to be as busy as we both are. So I'll never complain about that and I appreciate the opportunity to join you guys and talk about this tiny world that we live in because obviously we know a lot of the same people and running some, you know, outskirts of the circles here. So I've heard of what you guys been doing on this big water and that's interesting to me because I'm from small water here in the West Coast. So trying to play more in your world. As of late I don't even know where to get going because I have so many questions and a getting because we have so many mutual friends and for, you know, four years, you know, last a year's last couple of years, people have said how you do know? I'll already you know. I'll were like how do we? You know you guys need to get together and just funny how some recent projects, which we'll get into, we're basically we're almost in the same place without being in the same place. But so tell me what big bass dreams like that. You're that sure? You know if somebody was to look you up there going to see that. Explain that to me a little bit and in a short term. Sure. So I've always been obsessed with chasing these trophy largemouth bass that have been just a huge part of our fishing culture here in southern California since lady s early s when it really peak and all these giant high teen and low twenty pound fish for being caught out of the local lakes in the La area. And I came into fishing at the age of ten, right at the peak of that. So I'm looking at all these newspaper articles, weekly fishing reports and these local studs are holding up these absolutely monstrosities of large mouth and I've always been fascinated by by that and all of the associated elements and tackle, the big bait culture that that spawned from it, and found a nice little groove as an Angler as my arc started to grow and started figuring out how to catch large amount bass on a bait this big. When you asked a ten year old version of me if I would ever throw a bait that big, I'd be like, they're crazy. I think is huge. Nothing's going to eat that. So as I started seeing success and sharing the stories with my friends, my close friends, mind you, ultimately start calling bullshit on me and pretty much called me a liar through a lot of this storytelling of these experiences I was having with getting packs of giant bass trying to eat these big artificial baits. So I was like okay, that's cool and made it a point to actually capture it on video from a very like early phase. So just as prego pro this is like those weird awkward like not quite the shoulder size, like canasonic but cold moving by is looking, but it's when he kind of like shrinks about that size. Yeah, and trying to figure out how to mount it on my little rinky dink aluminum boat and it up borrowing one from a good front of mine and losing it as I got hit by a jet ski wake and you know, it tipped over kind of clung. So, like I've been trying to capture video of these incredible sequences of fish and have been able to capture a ton of dope videos and sharing it initially with just some friends, and eventually that just started amassing a library of it and they're like man, you got to put put out a DVD and this is what DVD's were a thing, and I was say, man, I don't know, but super long story,...

...can don short. We ended up putting out this DVD as a series of DVDs. is how I envisioned it. So the fundamental base of Big Bass Dreams it was always the content. Obviously we've evolved with the times, deliberate through all these different other platforms instead of selling DVD's out of a you know, back of a trunk or something. But at the end of the day, big Bass Dreams is really a movement and a collection of like minded anglers that are stupor passionate about big fish, especially, but overall, the fishing culture and all the different nuances of different fishing cultures, as I penetrate and travel through the country and engage with different parts of the country and seeing the unique fishing cultures that that stem from them. So yeah, big as streams man like catching big fish. I like it. I got to be I'm going to bust your chops a little bit because it's kind of funny, as even though you weren't involved with this, but somebody not that long ago. They were like, let means been a little, a little while ago. They're like, Oh, maybe it's couple years ago, I don't know. Any rate, they're like, Oh, you got that would boat like that Oliver Guy, and I was like what? And I was like, dude, I wrapped my boat and wood like it would looked like a wood arc. I want all out. There was lots of the people loved it or they hated it, but you know what they did? They talked about it, you know what I mean? And so I was like, I was like, all right. So then they saw your thing and I was like, I literally with this wanting this one guy. I was like I had to go back and I was like once you look at some dates on that, bro I don't got no thing against US Oliver Dude and that boats fly his God like. I like the whole thing, but I did that way before this guy. I'm just saying, not trying to be that guy, but I mean the guy was, he was coming. He was bringing a little heat to me and I'm like no, I didn't. I didn't copy anybody and you didn't even know me. So it's not like you were doing that, but it's just funny how that was doing something completely unique and you know it was breaking barriers and sitting bars and all that. But like that came about a small boat project and I had built a custom deck on a thirteen foot Gregor luminum boats actually just outside the office here, and I took a photo of it when I when we finished ceiling the wood deck for sea deck application and posted it to instagram and low and behold, that was by far the most engaging photo I'd ever posted it. Make sure mine make to I'm just like it was just bare wood at the time and I'm just say, damn really. So that kind of got my wheels turning in at the same time I was going through one of my brand partners see decks instagram stories and they had to be happy to be at some trade show and he had panned with their camera real quick and I saw one little tiny like sample up in this corner and it was actually wood grained at sea deck and I was like Yo, Yo, Yo, hold on. So I reached out to my team there and I was like please tell me I can do my entire boat in this. So the first boat project was a little boat that I call the one point. No, it's a rebuild to pay homage to my first bass boat, but it's just a whole nother level of ridiculousness. It's got live scope, it's got an all Taro like ran odor se deck. Obviously like do a but stupid, but that's where that inspiration came from. I because I'd never really seen it in fishing. Right, you casing running too those old school like actual wood boats like on the water, and it's becoming it's becoming really popular. A lot of guys are putting them on the back of their boats here like in a great wakes, you know, for their name and stuff, and a lot of charter boats have it on the on the floor because it doesn't it doesn't show the dirt and stuff as much, but it's the same thing. That that photo funny story even like so the rap guy literally looked at me. He's like, man, I'm just going to tell you when we got to rip this off and put another one on because you're not happy. It is what it is, Bro and I'm like we'll just run with it, and it's a year. You know what I mean. It is what it is. Yeah, I start getting calls about the boat because you know, I mean, it's kind of like you you want to release this right, this is part of our deal. I start getting calls, but do that? Would boat looks kind of cool. I'm like, I don't it's still the rap shop three hours from my house. I'm like, what are you talking about? One of the guys that was wrapping it took a picture, put it up and it started going viral on his I dude, I could have choked slapped the tar out of him, and I'm like, Oh you, oh my God. I'm like do we? Oh, I was legit mad because I'm like, dude, that's not your deal to do. Aside from the fact that now now it's the shotgun. The trigger got pulled right, it is really is. But yeah, that sucks. That's like at least you're thinking like I am. We're we're outside the box, but not like Ludacris. Yeah, I try to... things just below the line of ludacris right, just a little bit well, and that's why I want to know, because it's just like me, like everybody for when I started, from my parents of course, to my accounting and everybody else, is like you can't do this, man, you could that you can't do this, like, well, no, you didn't try it, and maybe you didn't you weren't smart enough for work hard enough. Right. So tell me how a kid from California ends up doing some of the same soft wach will talk about that. We both are doing doing some stuff with the lenders. You know, how does this? I mean, because it doesn't happen overnight. First off, I understand that, but give me a few of the steps here and boom, boom, boom, quick on how we're rolling here. Yeah, it ultimately it's been an organic growth and learning process and learning through trial and error and minimizing the mistakes and just sucking a little bit less as the years go by. It's pretty much how am my fishing as of all right, you just you suck a little bit less every year. Now I'm on year Gosh, nineteen. Oh, I know, you know it's I can sound. It's funny. It's funny you say that because it's exactly right. I tell people all the time a guy that wins a tournament just sucked the least amount because the fish always they always win, because even if you think you'ackst are, you're like, Oh, I caught twenty today. Dude, there was a tenzero of them down there. That told you screw yourself. Oh, it's insane. I've done a little bit of underwater filming and it's an eyeopener of like how many of those who shore ignoring US completely? There like a hundred percent. Wow, like this is crazy. I would have never guessed. were literally two hundred baths on the spot and I got one of them to eat almost every other cast. And you think that's like wide open. Right. Really, the rest of the school isn't even paying attention to you. Is You had two girls in the entire school that talked to and you thought they're a pump that you can go and get every single girl. It's like no, no, they all said Nah, no, kid. Yeah, it's it's been an interesting journey and my experiences outside of the fishing industry and within the fishing industry of all accumulated and to sucking a little bit less at everything that we got to do right, because not only do you have to be a proficient Angler, you've got to be proficient at marketing yourself. Got To not be a douchebag. You're just an asshole. On top of that you got to be able to run a business and you got to be able to communicate with people and communicate ideas in an articulate matter to where you can actually connect with others. And frankly, I think now, in my second half of my fishing arc, I've definitely been more open to sharing and helping others facilitate some of these special experiences I've worked so hard to to live and create, and that's been a big part of it, because my willingness to finally open up is an angler, which is a hard thing, especially for a younger version of myself. Right you probably real similar we spent every waking moment and opportunity on the water in the pursuit of our big fish dreams and like, who is someone else to come up and just ask for that information in the shortcut? And it's funny because we were talking about that today. We're shooting a video and and I one of the things I said is, Hey, we appreciate all you guys, but we are doing this for free, like you're just taking this and I spent a lot of money and time. This is how I make my job and you know, sometimes when you get comments from people I'm sure you're the same way. Like twenty years later. It doesn't bother me, but sometimes I just kind of think. I'm like, Dude, you sitting on your couch, you're an asshole because you're upset because I wouldn't tell you the make, a model number of some lure. Hell, I don't even remember, and a probably can't because of business anyhow. But Dude, I gave you the keys to the kingdom. And and you know, for me it might have been easier than you because of some of the guys that I trained with, if you will, and all lander when I was in my teens, still told me on the Great Lakes as it was getting ready to break Lucy's like bump, here's the deal. You need to teach these guys. So you need education and and and I'll right out of the gate. And he was like you need to listen to me, and I did. And so you know, I I timing was right, like in any business, right, but I was smart enough to kind of jump on the because the same as you, like, Hey, dude, I'm winning a bunch of tournaments here and like you're thinking about like at that time, you know, it's like Hey, tournaments and glory. But yet then I looked at it and again, Al those guys, he goes, heys build dance fishing a tournaments. You know this twenty some years ago. I will wait a minute, wait a minute, and you start looking at this and you're like hey, man, besides Kevin Van Dawn, and yes, there are some exceptions, most of these guys do bigger and better things when they get into a different deal and it's more sustainable. Right. Absolutely. Yeah. I've dabbled in tournament fishing all my life and took a big step away from it as we started focusing on these big fish and the content that that...

...surrounded it. And I've actually been able to leverage myself to a position to where I'm actually financially able and free to compete on a bast semester open tour and all nine events, and I got there by not tournament fishing. So I focusing. Yeah, well, do you get drugged back in man? That's that's always been a childhood dream to be able to compete at that high level against these hammers. So it's a part of my personal and fishing arc and story. Like I want to. I got it. I got to see, I got to try, but at the same time I know that's not where my heart lies. Something I'll part dabble with on and off through the rest of my life, but it's not the first thing I want to go do. It's not even at the top of my list of like things to check off, but it's definitely up there. Well, so it seems like again I started to interrupt you there, but I don't. I don't know your Gig right like some of the guys that I would have on here, like to the calid big Bass Swim Bay guys. That's not my that's on my wheelhouse. But I like what you're doing and we, like I said, we parallel so much that we were more similar than you could imagine. And it seems like kind of like what I've done. And explain how you've diversified, because I see you doing some things that maybe other people don't know about. Our people listening to my deal don't know from you. But you're not just like throwing swim bass for big bass anymore like you're you're doing the whole deal right. If people do not understand that this lure right here is not the secret key to the success I've had on a lot. It is all the other experiences with something as fundamental as a jig or plastic worm or crank bait or spinner bait or insert whatever lore you want in there, even live bait, and those engagements with fish across the board in different scenarios that of giving me insight to how I can properly present something like that to a fish or something like this big to a fish. This is a bait that I work really similar to a big walking stick bait. It's it comes from experience and having the foresite to try to apply whatever the tool is, big bait or not, into fulling these fish. So I had an entire youth of trying to master all these different Lore techniques. So when I look back, even now, I'm I'm looking back into my prior experiences to draw inspiration to try to fit these puzzle pieces together. So I've always pride myself on being a versatile Angler and and really I always got a kick out of learning how to catch something on a new lure and that persist now and that's that's gone beyond largemouth Bass, it's gone beyond small mouth bass, it's going beyond Muskies it's gone beyond salt water, inshore, off shore. It's gone beyond international exot excuse. He's like Murray Cod and Baron Mundy. It a lot of the same fundamental pieces are there. You just got to account for subtle little nuances for fishery, for our for some. I mean I fell deep into the Musky rabbit hole last three and a half years and once I could figure out how to wrap my head around the complexities of rigging to account for the teeth, everything else is the same. It really is. And and I guess you know I agree. I mean I full disclosure, I hate Green Carpe, as I call them. But even like, when you take that like, I guess part of in my thought process was because I think we're in the same page with what you just said. But you know, the decision to diversify is even more within the business aspect to things. You know. Again, I mean I'm assuming here you basically have left California, right. Are you just Travel California now? I spend two months out of the year total here. Yeah, so, I mean tell us a little bit about that because again, the fishing is one aspect. Then those are the things when people listen to this like they're listening. I don't think they listen to that as much as like this do. What's he doing to make this happen? Because that's that crosses California lines, that crosses bass lines. It doesn't matter if there's some ten year old kid to listen to this or some guy wants to be a walleyed guide, like it's the same kind of deal. Yeah, as far as the diversity in my strategy to take on the business side of what we do, it honestly stems a lot from the diversity that I incorporate into my fishing it's there's so many parallels, man, that I draw from my other aspects of my life and my fishing life that I apply back and forth, and being able to be diverse allows you... whether the storm when thinking shift like our platforms. Right when I first started with big bath streams, instagram and facebook were huge. Like we it was, and it's always been organic growth, by the way. Never paid for a for followers, likes, comments, any of that fake engagement, you could tell, but the content always spoke for itself and those two platforms catapulted the brand right away and created this audience that I was now able to leverage with these brand partnerships that I've aligned myself with, because now you got a captive audience that's paying attention to pretty much everything we're doing it. I think it's funny that people will underestimate the power of that audience and some people think an audience of five thousand or ten thousand followers or subscribers or whatever on each platform is small and comparison to whoever else that might have half a million or three million, ecenter ECENTER. But think about if you put Fivezero people or Tenzero people in one place and they're all paying attention to what you're you had to say, like that's impactful if you play it right. So being able to be diverse and and adapt to the ever changing landscape of how people digest content is the most important thing. And then at the same time you've got to be putting out relevant content that is hopefully positively affecting your culture or no matter what the space is. And for me it's fishing all the way around and I've been frustrated as a creator the last few years seeing this rise of this certain style of content for the sake of attention and viewership at the cost of freaking self dignity. And we may have just, I'm an interrupt your ones, like we may have just shot a podcast before you. Yeah, and totally, I mean did it couldn't have been a different type of person, right, and and in the industry everything, and we literally had this same conversation. And and that was one of my kind of questions for you. I was interested to see what your take was on this. Yeah, man, I'm not cool with the way things are going in like there needs to be a riding of the ship and a balanced brought back to the force, and that's why I'm working hard with, you know, groups like meat eater and all the product all the Brad partners that that value quality content. You won't, you won't ever see me selling out and putting out trash for the sake of attention. It's not the same thing, man, and you know, when people save him quality content, it's like, I think that that's even I want to hear your take out. Mean for me it's there's a lot of people they're just fraud and there's a lot of people that, even with some projects, me and you have done that. We won't talk about there's people that get involved in these and they show up in the dudes can't catch them. Yeah, and so it's like yeah, and and the cream always rises to the top and real always recognizes the real man and eventually, if you're just trying to take it to you make it like the people that you should be looking into for just respect as a peer or a colleague. Like those is a people that matter to me. There might be fifty of those in all the fishing. I didn't give a crap about the fifty million people watching on whatever platform. If alnder thinks up a clown, I'm not cool with that. Allander actually said to me he's like some of this guard this garbage content, and I was like that's it's like Al doing some serious person. If you know alt let me. Yeah, like, if he says that, I mean producer, do what do you? I mean as my content man, like I have a content yeah, like I've I mean big time right, it's so. Yeah, I mean it comes down to just again it content. I mean how many times have I say this is good content, content, content, content. The other people kind of fit in that entertainer or I don't know what that category is. It's didn't, like we said, on the other factors. We I mean the other podcast, like if with him, me and him, we've been together for twelve years. If something happens, I let it run like I'm not too serious about myself, but I'm never going to in intentionally get into a fight with somebody at the boat launch or on another boat in order to you know where I'm going with that. That's happened, to try to make like a scene, to use that as an intro to try to get more people to click on the video, and that's happening a lot and I wonder how you deal with that, because I think we I call the the eye word, you know, influencer, like you're an influencer, but you can catch him and you've done your own thing, you've built your own brand organically. So do you feel like, because you've done it that way, that this other stuff, I mean it has it has it taken away from you and...

...your mind in other people's eyes, but they don't even know it because people like me, just anybody, I mean it's really doing a lot of fishing those this is jump like it's hard to qualify somebody right now. Yeah, yeah, it's a tough one, man, it's complex. At the end of the day, those people don't affect my world. I continue to leverage by position and do more of what I want, want to do whenever I want to do it, with complete autonomy and freedom. So, regardless of what anybody else is doing, I'm control my own destiny. Now I can't help or even hate on like some of these other people doing what they're doing. But like, you're not going to find me wanting to engage with that person if I had a one on one with them. You're my man, you're more mature than I am at that point. But yeah, I think I've got there. You know, I've gotten there myself. Producer, dude, you probably would agree. We're now. I just you just got to let it go because whole I was actually a forest. Wood told me an old thing. Ranger boats forest. Would you know, he said, he said. You know, the problem, he says, is when you when you want to get around all this stuff, he says it's like the old pig farmer and I'm like what? The force always had a good one, right, he said. Hey, said, you get them them pigs down there in the pain they get all nasty. He says. You run down there to teach them a lesson, he says, pretty soon you're rolling around the money. He says, mom butt the House can't tell they're swimming the pig and the farmer, he said. You see what I mean. And you know, I don't know, maybe young kid don't get that deal, but I understand it now. Yeah, yeah, the younger kids don't get a lot of things, and that just comes from an experience. I was guilty of that myself and good get caught up in and in these traps of negative energy and just came to realize, like, like man, if I just put my energy on my own projects and trying to visualize my own ambitions, like that's the best way you can manifest that energy. So what are the projects? You know, obviously you do youtube video, you're putting content out, working with the companies, like we said, like meteor or some. But what what are your like giving an idea what a month is like, or what things transition that you're doing for the Oliver's, you know, current day business man. It's complex. There's there's way too much on my table at any one time, which is how I like to operate multiple irons in the fire and real killers moving silence man. So I don't really need to divulge a whole lot of the projects. Is just it just one thing after another and it keeps coming and it keeps coming and hopefully it gets better and it gets better. But got my hand in a lot of things and just about all of it is stuff that I'm super excited to move forward with and get better about. So ifout naming names, are getting anything specific, because I pick up what you're throwing down. I mean, is this video stuff or is this like other digital platforms? You think or you're trying to because I think you know guy like me. Again, I'm not trying to put words in your mouth, but I always try to align myself with the companies that have now only the exposure, but that are looking, and pretty much said this in a different way, that are looking for guys that can actually catch them and they're not trying to put on some type of clown extravaganza. And there's not as many of those places out there is they're probably should be. But you know, some of that sprint stuff, some of that's you know. Are you're writing some articles? Are you just doing the video things, just depending where it's coming off, or doing some of your own unique or game at content or yeah, it's just it's it's really diverse. I mean there's going to be some more written stuff coming. Obviously video is a huge form of content that's digested across all those different platforms now and at the base of it I do pride myself on being able to keep catching these hard to catch ass fish in public water like no one can ever take that away from me. That's the most empowering things that I can go anywhere and do what I do regardless of the scenario. So that that needs to come across in the content and hopefully people can better help understand why that content can be more impactful for them as viewers, because then they should be able to take that insight and apply it in their own manner in their own lives. That makes sense versus if you watch, you know, a challenge video shot on someone's backyard pond or whatever, and the casual observe might not understand the dynamics behind that and think, Oh man, I could take a piece of lettuce and slap it on the water and catch fish too, and it's just like pretty you draw the line between what's real and what's not, and, especially with the growth that we've had in our sport because of Covid, you've got a lot of new eyeballs that don't know the difference. That's that's what...

I say about, you know, being able. The Internet's just let's forget fishing for a second. If you break your dishwasher right or or whatever, trying to change, you know, breaks in something, you're like, how to change breaks, how to fix dishwasher? There are some videos, I don't care what topic you pick up. There are some videos you're going to go out there, but do this guy doesn't how to use a screw driver. And then there's other ones that you're like, you know, you talk to a guy that knows how to repair breaks and he goes, Oh my God, that you're lucky didn't lose your hand like this guy, even though the guy looks polished and like he knows what he's talking about. and to me that's that kind of influencer thing where guys on there, he's trying to make as much money as he can by acting as an authority on something or clown, even though he's coming across this entertainer and that's that's probably why I have the most issue with some people. And it doesn't matter if it's within fishing or not. It's people that are trying to put themselves out there as an authority without a body of work to support it. So that's why the body of work is important, so when someone comes across content from that person with the hefty and validated body you work, you can have the confidence that he's telling you the proper way to fix that dishwasher. Oh He's aligned with the dishwasher brand. Okay, that makes sense. They should probably just hire just about any JOE SCHMO off the street to show you how to fix their dishwasher. So that's where those brand relationships and partnerships really come into play and where I took a lot of pride to my partnerships because I've aligned myself with the the crem Della Creme of each category, and that takes a lot hard work because you got the Gout, you got to earn that spot. But let me know, without giving me anything specific, what's your kind of general take that you can say on your experience with basketball? Now I haven't done it a little bit well, this is my third season on Dospo and I think I'm the only angler to be on all three seasons and I'll tell you this much, I had the most fun and I think we shot the best episode of my three seasons of experience on that show. And it was very challenging, just like most times when you schedule some kind of fishing related shoot, curveballs get thrown at you and we had tough conditions to deal with, temperature drops, big storms and made it really tough. And coming in people are setting it up to be like oh the fish it you guys are targeting, like we catch a whole bunch of them like without even trying, and I was like, Oh Gosh, here we go again. I mean the same attitude was kind of pushed towards our pan fish segment of our episode in season two and I'm like, you guys are tripping because you guys are taking the Pan Fish for granted, thinking that's going to be the easiest thing. I ended up catching a muskie the first morning in the first hour and a half of fishing. As I I think you guys are underestimating how tough the PAN fishing can be. I you're on a new body water like we are. I mean first we got to locate on that's the hardest thing, and then I can catch them. But it took it was harder to figure out where to catch decent panfish and it was the muskies. So season three of our episode was incredibly challenging. But that, that dynamic of actually having to work for the fish that Blaine, chocolate and I were fishing for made every single bite more impactful and every single engagement with those fish more impactful, and that's going to translate through in the content. I mean, you worked at this exact same crew that I did. Those, those guys from off the grid studios do incredible work. So I work. They worked as a fluid team. They were like a they remind me of like the Navy seals of fishing filming, like yeah, you know, they grunt or look over and give it a nod and you know they were they swoop. They know, swept in there and they definitely you could tell. And you know several those guys are big time fisherman. You know, Oh, absolutely, Gregson is a hammer, Paul work is a hammer. Are A was just hitting me up about trying to figure out this white bass or wiper fishery. He's gotten his backyard that nobodden targets. So that guys such a pimpy just he's like share, your only goes by initials. You. I told him I was giving him some shit on that. I was like they're your pimp when you don't have to say your full name. I mean that's just naughty. Yeah, I mean I didn't even know that was in his full name. Like that's how much of a gee is. So yeah, I'm excited to see episode season three unfold because I think it might be the best yet. And it's been wildly popular and I've always been amazing and inspired by teams like the off the grid guys, but even the whole met eater family as a whole, and their ability to capture those moments that people like you and I get to experience almost on the daily and really transfer through to the audience in a very engaging and fulfilling way. That's what I mean by relevant content. You...

...look at anything metator has done on the fishing side. So I'm excited to see how much further they can push it on the fishing side. I mean me and producer due like he wasn't there for that, obviously, but I was telling them, or was like, dude, this is a whole different level. I mean me and hammer like, you know, hamburger and nickel budget stuff, and we're just hammering stuff that we're we are gorilla warfare, and these guys were like nuclear bombs. Now, absolutely man. I mean I have been able to take a crappy go pro and before that, like a Sanyo Little Cam quarter in the Sony bullshits from, you know, the mid two thousands to get myself to this level and literally after like spending another week with these guys for the third year in a row, like all right, I can't make any more excuses when I don't have one of my guys filming with me, I don't have a current producer guy traveling with me. Like I had a freaking pony up and drop another nine racks just up my production level. Damn Song, like I don't know how to use this thing, like like well, the you know what the problem with that is? You hit the nail on the head when it's anybody can. If we're anybody really wants to do this, they can. If they really want to bust their ass. I don't think anybody's born a natural fisherman. You know, people pay attention deals. A lot of my guide clients that are I just just go I look at him like how the Heck did you? They understand stuff that guys I fish tournaments against don't understand. And the dude is and I what do you do on the CEO of Soandso? And I'm like now I get it, because this, this guy would be successful whatever he did, because he understand, pays attention, he listens, he sees the details. And you know what a lot of people, I don't, don't think, understand is is, like you said, yeah, you can have a camera guy follow you and get really good content, but that costs a lot of money. Like WHO's ponying up? Or now am I going to eat, you know, Rama noodles here, because we're where's this going to go around? And you know, you know, even if somebody gave you that camera, instead of nine racks, as you say, nine bands in the middle, you basically you know what I'm saying. Well, Ginger kick and still talk it, but now you've got to have somebody to operate that. You know I mean, because it doesn't do ask any good to be looking through the one side of that camera to do what we need to do totally. And it's just like the fishing right, and there's a reason why these people, by the tens of thousands, by all the highend electronics, all the high end rods and reels and baits and even the high end boats, and can't figure out how to catch a fish to save their life. It's because they're not asking the right questions, like some of your gifted clients may be asking right like I've got guys into my tutelage. I'm training them to ask the right questions, not the just to where. I need you be GPS coordinates or the bats or stupid ask questions. Do you need? You be asking the why? That's literally another video that we shout today about asking great questions. Yeah, man, so a good angle is going to ask the right questions and pay attention to the things that most people would be overlooking. You got to become an incredible observer. So so, what has been your biggest asset? Because again, when you what you started with? Again, not trying to put words in your mouth, but my opinion is a guy that's throwing swimmates in California and starts this and realize, hey, I video this. Your ahead of your time with some of those stuff, but as you roll into traveling around doing Despo, doing all these other different media things you got going on, it's evolved a hundred percent. So what you originally your roots are, it's same, but it's different. So what is your biggest asset that you've been able to continue to be successful and, you know, growing that brand man? Probably an open mind, like seriously, I mean even down on my fishing by like give you an example on the fishing side of things. That is translated to how I operate my businesses and it goes back to having that open mind and being flexible and adapting to those conditions that affect the behavior of the fish. It's the same thing in business and how it affects behavior of our audience, our customers. Keeping an open mind, it being willing to try something out of the norm has allowed me to become incredibly successful. Like a big portion of the first video was shot in seven weeks time in two thousand and twelve and a benchmark fish is still a ten pound fish for anybody across the country. A little bit lower. Where you guys are from, seven or eight pounders is going to be a monster fish up that way. So big fish are relative in size, but here in southern California, ten pound fish is still the bench park. Now I was going out there with the mindset of actually wanted to teener, so a thirteen pound plus fish was what I like. That was the goal.

So I already set this lofty goal that I was trying, trying to reach and because I was so hyper focus on those bigger fish, I was kind of blowing through sevens, eight nine, like I literally would not even weigh a lot of those fish and just like dump them back because I wanted this tear man where I was so dialed in. I ended up catching seventeen large amouth at the ten pound mark or bigger, and that seven week span I've four orps. I had six limits over forty pounds. Biggest limit was a fifty six pound, five ounce limit of five fish. And all the while I was spending five to seven days on the water and I did not duplicate the fishing from any day to the next. Every single day was a different puzzle and I had some of my best friends fishing with me on and off throughout that cycle and they would get stuck in the same mentality as a lot of people and like, Holy Shit, yesterday you caught them on this doing this over here. How can we're not doing that? And like because it's change, like they're not over there anymore, they're not doing that at or sponding this style Lord, and they would be literally trying to chase my bike as the days would progress. And Man, most of them ended up playing net bitch because they were already a thinking too far behind instead of ahead and being super adapted. So I've taken that and applied it to how I operate my daily routine. I got I'm not an instagram or I'm not a facebooker, I'm not a Youtuber, definitely not a tick tocker. I am. But yet what that said, you still do that stuff, but I still heart you absolutely. So I still do all of those things, but that's not who I am. That makes sense. Like these young kids, like, especially a year or two go before tick tock really took hold with that generation, it's like, oh, man, you're my favorite youtuber and and I want to be a Youtuber, and I'm like Nah, man, like I'm not trying to like to shut down your dreams and aspirations, but, like you should be aspiring to be a dope, whatever you want to be doing. That has stuff on a platform like YouTube. So at that point it doesn't real, it's real. It's irrelevant what platform your content lives on. It's going to rise to the top. So that's kind of how I'm approaching everything that I'm doing. The things like the media, your project and dos Bo, those are new. So stepping out on my comfort zone and and trying to take on new projects to explore new potential opportunities is huge. I'm always exploring new opportunities and I think that comes from like my my upbringing and the basics, like how to me. Yeah, we were going on the day. Now, hold, are you up? Hold Are you? I'm freaking thirty nine, Dude. I got to hold are you for hundred twenty two, forty two. Okay, so you're about the same generation. So I grew up in the nintendo generation. Hell Yeah, dude, prior to Super Nintendo. Right, I'm talking like legend of Zelda and like square box. That's right. Blow on the cartridge, kid, dude, through your shirt. So you don't get it wet. See how I was Atari. Yeah, producer, Dude. Yeah, I was a tarry. I had earlier, very early, attired. Yeah, and I always wanted in television and I was. I was stuck with Atari. You might my uncle had an Ataria now is so small and frail that I couldn't even like move the joystick. Yeah, that was stiff. Is freaking Hell Mad. But like a game like legend is Zelda taught me that I needed to go through this game and every level and literally stab every tree and every rock to see what kind of hidden goodies I could find throughout this video game. And I actually just realize, it's a couple weeks ago, that that's probably why fish the way I do and I'm literally going out on the lake and like trying to stab every point, every rock pile, every grass bed, every different water column, and it's created like this methological, methodical approach to fishing and being able to take that and duplicated everywhere I go. So learned all your fishing from legend was Zelda. That that'll is that. I'm getting all right, see it, I think he's doing. I learned. I learned from Castlevania. So like that game? No, neither did I, but I'm just you guys are so awsome. We could definitely we could do this all day, because me and you are, like I said, we're we are polar off as this, but we're pretty identical. So here's a question for him. This is I'm going to wrap this up with a long winded one.

Here me and the producer do you were talking about this one of the other guys. Basically, in so many words, I've been asked the same thing about five times in the last week, so I want to ask you the same question. So basically, guys said to me like you're doing all this different stuff. They knew me at the beginning, you know, I didn't have a silver spoon or anything, and they kind of say, like producer Dude said to me, like are you really have fun anymore? And there's definitely days I'm not. I'm like kind of like you. You do some of the grunt work and some of the stuff that we have to do. It it's I can't say it beats I tell myself I put a little inspirational things on my steering wheel every year, like one year it was cubical. Some stuff won't mean anything to anybody else. But you know, because I look at that, I spend two hundred some days a year and I look down on when I'm getting beaten ways, you know what I mean, and you're in you're like could be in a cubicle for damn good right now right could be in a factory. So, but what I'm getting at is, yeah, there's a lot of stuff that sucks. Nobody watching any of this is like going to feel bad for us right never. But at the same point, you know, sometimes we suck the fun out of it just by our mentality. Like I'm sure even you, you're pretty more positive guy than I am. I can tell this all right, which we need to be. But you know, producer dude, he's always like y'all at me about something with this stuff, and I guess the point is, let's just put let's put an imaginary thing together. If somebody deposited ten million dollars in your bank account tomorrow, how would you be doing things different? Where would would big bass dreams with a budget and not having to deal with certain thing? Because, I mean, I love my sponsors, I work with a lot of my partners are ten years plus a bulk of them, but there are still constraints that, if you're being honest with me, you wouldn't deal with if it wasn't for getting paid. And I hear you. That's that's an interesting question and this is a this brings up a conversation I was actually having with my girlfriend, because she's expect exploring the potential to enter this space and command an audience of their own and and see how far she can push this fishing thing, because she has a legit passion for it, she's got a great knack for and she makes comments about like wanting to go play the lottery so she can obviously have this large sum of money to be able to do all these things that she sees me working so hard to acquire and in the form of past sets and and capital and money to pay professionals like the off the grid studio squad. Like you don't think I don't want to try level with those dudes full time and let them shoot everything that I'm doing? For sure, yeah, I do. But here's the problem. If you don't earn that ten million dollars, how do you sustain that level of production? Because someone takes that away from me I like what I like. Your going worth that, but that number, maybe I should. Let me look at this little differently, because the number. Honestly, the numbers are relevant, right. The point that I made to her was you should earn your way to that position, to where you're you have full autonomy and ability to do whatever you want to do, because it wasn't handed to you. Like nothing's ever been handed to me. I grew up dirt ass poor man. People see me in this hundred Thirtyzero basketball and assume I'm some trust fun bun baby or a parachute kid, that I'm Asian, so my mom must be rich. Do you my mom still lives in a onebedroom apart me in the hood, like like I'm trying to get her out of there, like people died on my street, like seriously, like. So the fact that I got this far on my own. It's something no one can ever take away from me and I'd much rather take the longer row to get where I want because I'll earn it. So leave me with one thing that you would want. My people, because they may not be your people yet, but they're probably going to, because they're going to check you out. Now that's kind of how this whole deal works. Right, absolutely, but my people know good stuff. And Yeah, so what do we need to know about Oliver and I? It's either misrepresent it or you think that maybe people don't really give a clean shot at that. Man, I always judge people off of my own experiences with them, so I invite your audience to come have an opportunity to judge their own experiences through my content. Producer. Dude, I have a new business plans going to be called Big Walleye dreams. That sounds good at that. I bet that would work lockdown. That you are. I've dabbled at all, Walter. It's cool, Nice. Well, Hey, I appreciate your time and I hope we can do this again. I know we just kind of me and you could probably talk all day about this stuff we just did. Will care a little bit, but hopefully some of the guys over the follow what we do will punch it over like what you knew with vice versa. So don't be a stranger. Thanks for everybody for tuning in the big water podcast. Producer. Dude, I always forget, so please help me check into Youtube, instagram, facebook, stitcher, Google...

...podcast, apple podcast, spotify, that's why, he says, are an Atari's legend of Zelda. Yes, big water fishingcom we're everywhere but a jail cell, so far any rate. Thanks again for tuning in. All over, thank you for diving shit time until the next episode, Bro. Thanks, guys. I.

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